10 tips to successfully manage household finances

Work or not work, a wife will get revenue from their husbands, to manage a household. For that, a wife must also be able to manage the household finances. The main way to manage it is to record income and expenditure. Actually, what is the point?
Usually the mother will answer; because you want to know the allocation of endless money for anything and anywhere allocation could be saved. Additionally in order to figure out can save money in any form. Even so, not all of them can do it well. For loans tips, you can see through http://www.critiirick.com/.
Therefore, know the process of arranging finances suggested the following:
1. Daily Evaluation
Financial evaluation of each day is very important. Ie by recording all expenses or income occurred. He also suggested that the recording is done in detail. This is so that you will not be too extravagant. To help the recording of income and regular expenses, there are many financial note-taking app that can be downloaded from the phone, you know.
2. The purpose of the financial
Then stick with your financial goals. Suppose you want to buy a car, house, or the cost of children’s education. This is important so that your spirit in saving or investing. After knowing the financial objectives, define in detail what kind of products you want. In compiling these objectives, it is expected you can do it carefully.
3. Savings in early payday
The right time to save it was in the beginning when receiving a salary. This also lets you take control needs (let alone the desire) to survive everyday of the rest of the 30 percent salary money already saved. This minimal savings ya know, if we feel they need to raise the percentage of savings, so go ahead.
4. Determine alternative
After determining the goal, try to create an alternative way of getting it. If the funds are not sufficient if the car had to pay in full, you can take a mortgage. However, when deciding to repay, see beforehand how the DP (Down Payment). Then the analysis of whether the cost of the mortgage and the DP can be covered by income or savings.
5. Investment yuk!
Now many mutual fund products offered, either in the form of shares, money market, mixture, fixed income, and even sharia. Or conventional means can also try out the precious metals investment. For this investment, typically using funds outside of the 30 percent savings. Just remember, bring money into the mall also usually once sold out, so better serve something useful, such as for investment.
6. The annual evaluation
Although the financial arrangements have been done every day, it could not hurt to look at the overall financial habits in a period of one year. We recommend that this is done on the date of the beginning or the end of the year, then compare it with the last financial year to see if you so much wasteful or economical then meticulously cause.
• 7. Reduce the use of credit cards
I use credit cards only for specific purposes, such as booking tickets, hotel or eat any promo. Even today, for example a credit card is used, usually I try to pay before payment time limit. Just to pass, not as the main medium of transaction.
8. Discipline
It is hoped that you could apply the process of financial arrangements is fine. According to Christian, one of the women in managing the financial temptation is discounted. Therefore, avoid spending too important not only because these items are being cut in price. The setting of funds is also important in order to provide a pension.
9. Appreciation for yourself
May dong was tired of working, and mothers appreciate yourself by watching, karaoke, eating, or by buying a book reading or also buy something to be desired. This appreciation of different choices for everyone. But remember, adjust to the financial condition.
10. Do not forget to share
Share on others who are not able to definitely be mandatory in every religion. Can be submitted to various agencies that are responsible for distributing the aid. Or given directly.