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Obama supporters are seething and the RNC is dancing with delight within the aftermath of Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s nonsensical comparison of ads exposing Mitt Romney’s real file on job creation with racially tinged attacks on Barack Obama’s former pastor.

Jon, Why do you insist on revisiting my outdated Hubs and other writers Hubs and write the same factor over and over. Nothing new comes out of you. I’ve written extensively disagreeing with you and I do not wish to do this with you anymore. I will remark in case you have something new. You no longer add anything to discussions. You don’t have any solutions. The Republicans attempted to dam the whole lot the first two years and block every little thing now.

Wonderful hub, and really properly written. This entire thing just makes me sick, now they’ve completed it! I can not believe this horror show hasn’t been resolved but. It is actually sad. The earth shall be utterly spoiled by humanity, if we do not get some frequent sense about caring for the earth. I do not think human beings are capible of agreement on anything. I hate to say it, however its probibly too late. Any day now I anticipate the shit to hit the fan. I have been saying it for years and it hasn’t happened yet, but it surely looms nearer than ever. Thanks for the great write.

I believe additionally one of the most superb things is that persons are satisfied life is a zero sum sport- that it’s a must to take advantage of others to succeed financially. They neglect all of the households those entrepreneurs have employed and solely see their success and so they’re maddened by it! They also think that they’re undeserving of their wealth- however I do not know a single successful one who did not threat all of it to see their enterprise succeed. There is no such thing as a great wealth with out nice danger- so you possibly can’t balk on the people who had the balls to threat it all!

After which we must see if reformed federally guaranteed housing insurance includes bigger down payments, stricter underwriting requirements and larger reliance on personal capital markets, lenders and insurers. In other words, we need to see if housing can be restored to a market-based mostly system and removed from the federal government-backed system that has proved so disastrous.