Continued Unhealthy Financial Information

For a disheartening instance of how intense lobbying and financial contributions can distort the legislative process in Washington, contemplate what occurred to the fiscal cliff” invoice approved three weeks ago by Congress.

Thanks once more Justmesuzanne for that latest hyperlink. Jon Huntsman is actually a candidate that I may take into account voting for. He is an intelligent and civil man all of which is why he solely is getting 1% in national GOP polls. As the article acknowledged, the GOP is now principally Far Right and they deny info and perpetuate falsehoods. Romney is a coward and a flip flopper and will tilt any which technique to get elected. All of it makes me in poor health.

The economics of the president’s proposal are even worse than the politics. The disaster we face is not that Social Safety benefits are too beneficiant; it’s that an increasing number of Americans lack the means for a secure retirement. Solely about 15 percent of employees have conventional outlined-profit pensions at their office, and fifty five percent have no retirement plan at all. Many years of wage stagnation and the company rollback of pensions have sapped employee savings.

Given the heavy presence of oil and gas rigs in the gulf the vast majority of offshore rig contractors are represented in the Gulf of Mexico. Transocean Ltd which is the most important oil service firm in the world has the largest presence. Transocean additionally owned the Deepwater Horizon rig , which exploded on April 22 that led to the huge oil spill.

Most people obviously do not perceive that they are participating within the misdirection video games that the bankers need performed, till they will figure out methods to place the blame for this financial mess on Joe sixpack. In actuality, the folks do not need a choice. The one manner we’re allowed to create cash, is through loans and different debt instruments. If we give up borrowing, the system collapses, and we lose all the pieces to the banksters, by means of foreclosure.