CTC Tells Senate Finance Committee (4)

An inquiry into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience of law enforcement and justice providers.

Ought to the rich pay more in taxes? To what finish? I don”t believe they need to pay extra as a result of I do not see what that can accomplish, apart from make the LESS tech and the poor feel higher. We sure will not get out of debt with it; it’s going to simply weaken the economy extra as they turn into less wealthy, can provide fewer jobs, shop much less, purchase fewer goods and services and a downward spiral begins. I don’t consider folks must be penalize for being in the correct place, proper time and having the appropriate skill set.

Firstly, I am not in faculty. By no means mentioned I was. Secondly, I am not silly sufficient to suppose that consuming and medicines are the path to enlightenment. Your might think they aid you, however in my opinion, it exhibits in your arguments. You possibly can’t persist with a topic. You make up arguments for different individuals. You’re insulting and disrespectful. So don’t give me that ‘broaden your thoughts’ crap. I’m as open as I might be. I’m not on a facet. My facet is the reality, and that is all I care about.

Charles Rangel, Henry Waxman, John Dingell and a few others cosponsored HR3200, it has been revised to grow to be HR3400, there is additionally a senate model known as Mark….all these payments are usually not actually read by the rest of congress, they get items of it in memos. Those of us who’ve read each darn variations and are totaly confussed, know who’ve or have not tried to learn them by the feedback they make. I don’t propose to know what each legal sentense says, however, i get the jist.

I simply hope the Director Steve McCraw and his management staff go to bat for the Troopers before the Senate Finance Committee. We’re in desperate want of a pay raise. This need has been documented by the comptrollers workplace and within the media. But, something tells me Director McCraw will go into the Senate asking for more pointless hardware and toys similar to river gunboats, aerial drones and other army type hardware. Meanwhile, he tells his flock of Troopers he is preventing exhausting for a pay raise for us while our vacancy charge hovers round 450.