EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free: Best Data Recovery Tool

It is often possible or it so happens that your data gets erased from your PC, laptop or any removable external device. It might happen due to various reasons like a virus attack causing partial or full damage leading to deletion of some important data that might be present in those devices. These are situations that are not in our hands. We cannot control the loss. However, data recovery software are made for the sole purpose of bringing back data that was lost as a result of such unfortunate events. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best choices among data recovery software free, to recover the lost data at a great speed.

Firstly, let’s know how data loss can occur. Data loss happens as a result of one of the following:

  • Unintentional deletion
  • Formatting of your hard disk, PC or laptop
  • Hard disk or hard drive corruption
  • Virus attack
  • System crash
  • Partition loss, RAW Partition etc

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard requires only three steps for data recovery. Even hard disk recovery becomes quite simple. This process is also user friendly. Data can be recovered from your PC, laptop, hard disk, SD card, USB, memory cards, cameras etc. First, the software is launched. Secondly, a scan takes place after which finally, the data you’re seeking for is finally recovered. It happens at a blazing speed, you wouldn’t even feel like it’s a drag. The data that is recovered can include all sorts of files like audio, video, pictures, word documents, emails etc.

Data Recovery

The PC data recovery wizard has the ability to recover lost files from hard disks, external hard drives, SSDs, PCs in general and also from your laptops. At times, files might have been lost when you were trying to format any of the drives in your PC or any folder. The memory card recovery wizard helps you recover lost data from a memory card that was either destructed or corrupted, or attacked by virus. Data from memory sticks, SD cards and even micro SD cards can be restored. USB drive recovery wizard helps you regain the data that was deleted from your USB drive, flash drive, pen drive and many other external storage devices. This might have happened due to any of the above mentioned reasons such as virus attack, formatting, partition loss etc. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard goes well not only with PCs and laptops but also with device like iPod, mobile phones, camcorder etc.

Special features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

  • It is a trustworthy and safe software for data recovery. Moreover, it comes for absolutely free! Your original data stays the same and it is ensured that there is no overwriting.
  • You get a preview of the files that are going to be recovered, before the process.
  • It works at a great speed and hence, it would not appear as a tiresome task. You can also pause after scanning to save the result and then resume with the recovery.
  • Quick scan and deep scan features deserve a mention here. Deep scan can track all your lost documents, photos, music etc. Even inaccessible data can be tracked down by this software.
  • The website has an active customer support cell to guide you with various issues that you have.
  • In the basic version, you can recover up to 2 GB worth of data. If you upgrade to the Pro versions, you can recover any amount of data. It has different versions for both Windows and Mac.