GFOA Submits Tax Reform Feedback To Senate Finance Committee (3)

Senators will introduce trade promotion authority legislation subsequent week, a prime Obama administration official stated Thursday.

As a result of it is difficult to imagine a state of affairs wherein Romney is elected and Republicans do not hold the Home and win control of the Senate, Republicans would not be stymied by Democratic opposition. They’d have the votes to move their agenda. True, they won’t get a filibuster-proof majority of 60 within the upper chamber, but Ryan’s finances is, well, a funds, which suggests it might be passed by means of the funds reconciliation process – and couldn’t be filibustered. To enact a radical change of course, Republicans need solely a simple majority of votes.

Thanks for your comments, Seraphic and Jon. Our housing bubble certainly was catastrophic to our nation. I hope yours, Seraphic, seems higher. Canada could should tighten their belts but that alone doesn’t assist a restoration. Smart spending, especially infrastructure, can preserve the nation afloat. Jon’s cherry picked data, all come from his right wing sources. Chopping spending is his only mantra. If America had achieved that after our monetary meltdown, we’d still be in a Nice Melancholy as an alternative of a now sturdy restoration.

As I see if the problem isn’t Social Security nor has it ever been. The true problem is the mismanaging of the United States. We DRIVE individuals to pay into the program and after years of complying then when the cost of mismanaging and the funds are tight we now say we are GOING TO FORCE YOU to give up the money We Promised you if you began paying into the system.

As for the massive capital reserves… are you just getting this from some liberal information web site or have you done your research? Yes, some firms have corrupt executives, but the banks aren’t simply sitting on big piles of money. Their balance sheets are so complicated, and the vast majority of their ‘belongings’ lie in outstanding loans. They stand to lose rather more than they’ve ‘sitting around’.(Banks do not preserve much money simply sitting around, they can not make any cash from stagnant money).