Imagine Your Vegan Diet Being Changed With the Addition of Healthy Products

Vegan diets have been proven to help prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases. When one eats a plant-based diet, the will naturally lose weight and gain strength. It is important vegans eat many different plant-based foods so they can ensure they are getting all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals their bodies need for normal function. Hampton Creek is a company that is working tirelessly to ensure vegans have access to healthy food choices that are available in many retail markets. With this information, vegans can learn more about Hampton Creek and why their food line should become a part of their healthy diet.

Hampton Creek came to be about five years ago when the two owners began working to research as many plants as they possibly could. To date, they have researched thousands of plants, finding many that could be included in vegan foods to allow them to create new food choices. Two of the biggest discoveries this company found were sorghum and a Canadian yellow split pea.

These two plant products allow a binding agent to be added to foods so new food choices could be created that were once difficult, if not impossible, without eggs used as the binder. Sorghum has allowed Hampton Creek to create a delicious pancake mix that allows vegans to enjoy this breakfast food without it being bland and tough. These pancakes taste just like traditional egg-based pancakes.

Their discovery of the Canadian yellow split pea has allowed them to create an egg substitute product that can be scrambled just like a traditional chicken egg. When vegans found out about this product, they could not believe they would be able to enjoy eggs and use them in baked recipes like cakes, brownies, and even cookies.

Vegans who have not yet discovered Hampton Creek are urged to learn all they can about this company. If you would like to learn more about their foods, Hampton Creek has it here on their website and social media pages. Check out their amazing line of foods and begin incorporating them into your diet for greater variety and taste.