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The wages for American labor haven’t risen in years and the costs have gone up exponentially. Eventually the US dollar will be in the tank because of our phony money with nothing to back it. This state of affairs already sets us up for payscales that will quickly rival Chinese labor. That $one hundred toy is probably not out of contact soon.

Will anyone really know the way a lot the SuperPACs drowned out the voices of the frequent American? Not solely did they outspend the common man, they made it appear pointless to even donate the smaller contributions the typical man, woman, and family may otherwise have donated to their favourite candidate’s campaign. Thus it got here all the way down to a contest between large, particular pursuits , with winner take all. That’s hardly democracy in action. Shame on you Justices of the Supreme Court docket! In addition to the letter of the legislation, there is a deeper concept: the spirit of the legislation.

I do think he might be the greatest man ever and Republicans would nonetheless discover a approach to hate him, although, and faux he is the worst president in our country’s historical past. Granted, Democrats would do the same factor, though let’s be actual, Bush actually was a horrible President. The two get together system is destined to fail because people identify with the party greater than points a whole lot of the time (and I feel that is true of many Democrats as properly). I wonder if we’d fair higher beneath a Parliament system.

Finally, it should be famous that there was nothing unlawful or unethical about the earnings mentioned in your article. They had been earned because of legal operations abroad and legally (under each U.S. and the native overseas legal guidelines) retained abroad. It was the high taxes in the U.S. which had stored the funds from being brought again to the U.S. The actual culpert right here will not be the tax break however liberals and their class warfare mentality that prefers to punish success quite than see the nation as a complete prosper.

Choose sides? Ok, I pick the middle. What I attempt to do is join the dots for people. When two sides are locked in an endless argument it is actually because they can’t or won’t see the others perspective. That is what occurs in a number of these boards. I’m not asking anybody to agree with me. I solely hope that I can put things in a means that may more simply be received.