Keeping Up With Jones Road

At this time is a statewide EDUCATION DAY OF MOTION, because the Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee will take up the education price range tomorrow – Tues. Might 19, 2015. Please contact members of the committee asap and share your issues. My own letter is under – be at liberty to copy/paste or use it as inspiration.

Senators Wyden and Grassley will maintain a press conference as we speak at eleven:15 a.m. within the Senate Radio/TV Gallery, S-325, to discuss the investigation. Details are beneath, together with a streaming feed for media unable to attend in person. Additional sources are additionally online and additional findings from the investigation are under.

Jon, These individuals are industrialists and financiers just like the Koch Brothers who now finance them. The Citizens United determination allows them to contribute to campaigns with unlimited funds and just about anonymously. They funded the Citizens United group to engineer that Supreme Courtroom determination. That is how they make the GOP beholden to them and no one else. They funded and proceed to fund Tea Celebration teams additionally. Read my Political Chicanery Hub.

By means of the billions of dollars spent to lobby Congress to legislate major tax cuts and loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Shopping for elections to elect folks focused solely on the agenda of firms. Privatizing every little thing from the navy to the prison system to maximize earnings. Ensuring that unions and their energy is crippled and wages stay stagnant.

Most of what you say is pointless, like no, you shouldn’t belief the World Health Group, certainly they don’t know what they’re talking about in terms of world health. I feel it is best to go on trusting the rhetoric of the proper wing party whose important function for existance right now seems to be nothing greater than to thwart the democratic celebration in a childish -however politically fair- try to make them look bad. That’s what republicans do. And to be truthful, they do it much better than the dems.