No Fast Fix To Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Problems

Thanks, Senator Kruger, and members of the Senate Finance Committee for the opportunity to talk today regarding the Governor’s proposed deficit reduction plan. My identify is Jackie Yingling. I stay in Rochester, NY. I’m the parent of a charming and interesting 25 12 months-outdated daughter, Rachel, who occurs to have a developmental disability.

wileyspeaks – I’m in the same boat as you in lots of respects! I agree there are various good and laborious working people who are struggling financially that have no want for handouts or pity. My downside is with politicians who exploit the poeples hard times by making an attempt to play one group towards another. This just makes everybody losers!

Additionally when BP claims to support the Marine Effectively Containment Firm I discover a lot fault in them declaring that alliance. As I have proved to you and also you’re staff, MWCC was conceived and put into motion to solely placed on a canine and pony show for BOMERE so they might return to drilling in the GOM in any respect value to our folks and our GOM atmosphere. Once more throwing warning and good oil and fuel widespread sense motive using logic to the wind.

The WHO, okay I will provide you with one other apparent one. America has a really excessive murder price, which after all, contributes to the decrease common life expectanies. But these factors should not what prompted the WHO to offer us a low overall score. It’s the high costs, the inaccessibility to so many People -not just of insurance, but of healthcare insurance does not cowl, and the chance of healthcare bills to bankrupt a family or elsewise cause severe financial burden.

And I’m pretty sure you tried just a whereas ago to accuse me of accusing you of being ‘authoritarian and fascist’? Is that right, must verify again, getting a bit senile and forgetful. Do you know what fascism is? Do you think fascists are only people who diagree with you, and if they do, subsequently, they think you are a fascist? Sounds wierd, and really round……and very much far left Democratic technique!