Ohio Senate Finance Committee Approves Scholarship Cap Enhance (3)

The last time I was hopeful about the presidential race was in 2008 – the Obama/McCain election. It was exciting to witness the first African American be elected president, especially on the platform of Change. The euphoria evaporated once the outrageous $700 billion Wall Avenue bailout rolled in. The remainder of his time in workplace Obama devoted to moderate to negligent upgrades to the damaged financial system, passing a bulky healthcare invoice, and fighting off rabid political opponents. And racism, I’m sure.

The Division of Management and the Financial system was in the former Soviet Union. If was comprised of guess who economists. Of course their management of the financial system was a whole failure. The free market is a pure system and economists can’t ‘handle’ it. Even if they might they’re at all times corrupt and mismanage it for that reason. The Fed is simply another advanced scheme by the elites to steal cash they usually do into the trillions. Printing cash is the equivalent of taxing the possession of cash.

As for FDR, he is our worst President regardless of what liberal lecturers and the ill informed who lived by way of the Nice Despair and WWII might imagine. The Great Depression was a direct consequence of FDR’s policies which deepened and lengthened what should have been a recession – much as we are currently experiencing. WWII was a series of diplomatic missteps concerning America’s relationship with Japan that pushed it into the arms of Hitler and Mussolini.

All 10 Republicans on the Finance Committee, together with Olympia Snowe, are anticipated to vote in opposition to both public option amendments. Eight Democrats are highly likely to be yes votes: Bingaman (NM), Cantwell (WA), Kerry (MA), Menendez (NJ), Schumer (NY), Stabenow (MI), Rockefeller (WV), and Wyden (OR). It took a whole lot of organizing to even get that far, given the reluctance of Bingaman, Cantwell, Kerry and Wyden at times.

The Republicans don’t have any plans for economic progress. Blindly reducing very important programs for those who need them essentially the most can be a recipe for putting us right back right into a recession. We actually need more spending for important infrastructure improvements in addition to firming up our social programs. We will earn the money for that by raising revenue tax rates on the rich who’re hoarding and hiding their wealth and thus stifling the economic system. That’s the truth, Jon. Not your cherry picked articles.