QS World University Rankings By Topic 2015

Why? My solely goal is growing awareness, so as to get people to wake up to the fact that their own world leaders or nation leaders, are actually not keen on World Peace and only involved in charge of individuals.

The best characteristic of Lifechanyuan Era is the absence of household, faith, political occasion, and state on the planet. the talented shall be put to good use, and the entire world will likely be one family”, in which no one would pocket something discovered on the bottom, and doorways are usually not bolted at evening”, The individuals can be natural and pure, the climate will be good for harvest, the society will be harmonious, the will of the individuals shall be peaceable, the merchandise might be plentiful, and everyone might be glad.

At this level, one would ask why…? To most individuals, it does not make any sense, that these wealthy individuals, who have all the wealth and energy on this planet would want to enslave all of humanity by bringing them under a singular international authorities. These men will not be merely happy with money and power. They need absolute management over different human-beings, they want to grow to be gods.

All the pieces should revolve around the touchable fleshly world of reflections. We’ve created all the pieces factor from figuring out there’s Creator, after which go ahead and create our own Stupid world, and place the Creator in a Godly position and say HE/SHE stated we should this and that ! We then dwell according to the laws we laid down as the ALPHA AND OMEGA.

One mustn’t neglect that Chinese language traders are literally the biggest overseas homeowners of U.S. Treasuries. And with the foreign alternate reserves up to 2.13tn USD within the second quarter of 2009, China’s reserves can offset the deep finances shortfall of the U.S even now and within the yr to return. Its forex stockpile is twice the dimensions of Japan’s – the second-greatest holder.