Ron Wyden, Senate Finance Chair, Might Pull The Committee Left (2)

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If center-class and poor folks accomplish that significantly better beneath Democratic presidents than under Republican presidents, why do so many of them vote for Republicans? One in style reply, superior by Thomas Frank and others, is that they’re alienated by Democratic liberalism on cultural issues like abortion, homosexual marriage and gender roles. This doesn’t appear to be the case. In recent presidential elections, prosperous voters, who are usually liberal on cultural issues, are about twice as likely as center-class and poor voters to make their selections on the basis of their cultural issues.

The media may do a greater job of illustrating the full information of all of the candidates. Media outlets, particularly in tv and radio, jump on essentially the most provocative statements and occasions during campaigns to maximize their ratings. Unfortunately this type of broadcasting political election campaign information just isn’t very informative. It actually isn’t full in any sense of the word. The media ought to carry out a a lot better public service by masking each candidate’s insurance policies, records, and statements totally in a non partisan method.

A temporary tax increase is not going to do something to cut back the national debt. We have added one thing like 1.5 trillion to the debt with spending last 12 months. We’re not going to fix our spending downside with larger taxes. Even if we took a hundred% effective taxes from corporations, that will solely give us a further 500 billion. Taking 100% effective taxes from the top 1% would give us the opposite 1 trillion we need to stability our finances, but then what? Large layoffs, huge reduction in consumer spending, large issues.

The President held a press convention ( no questions as typical ) said that the tax extension would save working staff $ 1200 a 12 months , by some means he forgot that the Senate invoice was for ONLY 2 MONTHS. The factual savings varies from $20.00 / week to $40.00/ week. The full would save about $a hundred and eighty.00 average to a employee. Obama and Congress WORKING laborious for the individuals left Washington, will return in January to re start the negotiations on passing a long term.