US Congress Sells Out (2)

Senators will introduce trade promotion authority laws subsequent week, a prime Obama administration official stated Thursday.

Against this, a powerful establishment politician like Chairman Moore by no means confronted any public shaming until now for his failure to file the marketing campaign finance report on time, because it was never reported in the media. Presumably, Moore additionally never faced a nice for this violation of marketing campaign finance laws. If Moore did face a effective like the $500 superb imposed on Sojourner, presumably Chairman Moore has not forfeited his legislative pay these last two and half years as Sojourner was compelled to forfeit hers after violating the legislation for under six months.

Our comments could be boiled all the way down to this ringing conclusion: A carbon tax will do everything the clear-energy credits will do, and much more. Whereas simplifying and rationalizing the current hodgepodge of vitality subsidies is all to the nice, solely a carbon tax can course by means of our whole financial system and reward energy efficiencies and conservation along with low-carbon production.

and I believe anyone should be capable of see how we acquired thus far economically. (WE’RE MONETARY SLAVES TO THE FRACTIONAL RESERVE DEBT MONETARY SYSTEM). There is no means out of it until we educate the masses, and so they notice that they must get up off of their backsides and pass the word to their neighbors, and demand that their legislators take action.

Workforce- I’m positive the majority company of rich guys aren’t looking for handouts from the government (until their identify is Warren Buffett) but the truth that our government has injected itself into the private sector, changes the dynamics of the market. Firms now have an incentive to try to purchase off the federal government (and why shouldn’t they) because if they do not and their competitor does, they could be out of business.