US Congress Sells Out (5)

On Dec.1,2011, the Senate Democrats VOTE NO to extend the payroll tax deduction holiday. The Senate Republicans proposed a bill that will lengthen the pay roll deductions without growing the deficit. The Democrat plan was to tax the rich a three.25% tariff to pay for the $100 billion value to increase the payroll tax vacation without contemplating PAY-GO legislation.

For somebody who claims to hold a masters in linguistics and a bachelors in political science and philosophy, this dialogue was over earlier than it began. It is not about what’s truthful, it is about accountability. If Mr. Moyers is liberal I could care much less. What he is, is the final bastion of significant journalists in this nation who do the analysis, reality discover the analysis and then tell their story. The doc listed a series of safeguards. They include reporting and disclosure requirements. Upon enactment of the regulation, doctor ownership can’t change. Nor can the hospital expand services without the approval of the Secretary of Well being & Human Services.

when confronted with the fact that we subsidize billion dollar corporations….they never stop to think: perhaps that firm should take some out of their billions of profits to pay extra. Obama family and buddies of Obama are vacationing in Hawaii. it was reported that the journey will price the taxpayers about $four milion.Congress is away from Washington too and can return in Jan.2012 to renew SPEAKING.Speaking is what they do FINEST. The RNC would not need fence-straddlers who base their affiliations on what’s hottest on the given time.

Thanks for the reply. I agree with you on both points. My concern is that if we personal our personal our bodies then what gives the Authorities the authority or jurisdiction to regulate what we choose to ingest in to OUR bodies. The quantity of wasteful government spending if the whole had been actually known would boggle our minds. The spending tradition in Congress needs to vary. Efforts to observe prices must be energized. This chart reveals from 1980 to 2005, eighty p.c of all new income created went to the top one %. In 2010, that quantity jumped to ninety three p.c.

Question three: In a free country , is it morally right to tax somebody at a better tax rate than someone else? Not solely do the wealthy pay more taxes but at a higher tax price. Even the Outdated Testomony tithe was a flat tax, 10% for everyone! An oligarchy is type of authorities through which a small group workouts control particularly for corrupt and selfish functions.