“You Down With TPP? Yeah You Know Me” (3)

Chairman Hatch, Rating Member Wyden, Members of the Finance Committee, thank you for the opportunity to speak about the President’s trade agenda.

The true fact is that the Home has already passed a invoice to unravel the ‘’cliff ‘’ disaster. What occurred on Thurs was that Boehner plan ‘B’ was rejected by Republican members. The press reported a defeat for Boehner, when in truth democracy prevailed. The House has voted and handed a bill. The Senate management refuses to put the Home bill on the floor for debate, amend or vote/move, ‘’CENSORSHIP”. The President continues in charge Congress when the truth is, it is the Senate who’ve but to advance the House invoice. The media continues to assist the President’s distortions, depriving the public of the TRUTH.

The thought of the reformed Dewan Negara is to preserve and shield the spirit of federalism. The Dewan Rakyat represents the individuals-at-large. The Senate, nonetheless, is meant for the States. The States of Selangor and Sabah could, maybe, allocate one Senator for that accountability. However that’s so far as it goes. Alternatively, the Yang DiPertuan Agong might job such duty to the members appointed by His Majesty and the Conference of Rulers.

This twenty fifth year of monitoring international wealth was one to recollect. The 2011 Billionaires Record breaks two information: total variety of listees (1,210) and combined wealth ($four.5 trillion). This horde surpasses the gross domestic product of Germany, certainly one of solely six nations to have fewer billionaires this yr. BRICs led the way in which: Brazil, Russia, India and China produced 108 of the 214 new names. These four nations are home to 1 in 4 members, up from one in ten 5 years ago. Before this yr solely the U.S. had ever produced more than a hundred billionaires. China now has 115 and Russia 101.

The answer to what to do to maintain it solvent is simple: raise the retirement age. The Social Security retirement age has dropped for the reason that program’s inception whereas the average lifespan has gone up. Raising the retirement age increases the length of this system’s solvency and, if the retirement age is raised enough, makes it solvent for an extended, very long time.